What is a Chartered Financial Consultant?

It is certainly not easy to be a chartered financial consultant and speaking of understanding the job, there are few important affairs that you should look into. First of all, it is the significance of being a financial consultant. Anyone can assign such titles to themselves as basically there is no specific academic requirement. Yes, there may be certain licenses that one should possess before being able to offer financial planning services to people. Recently there is a revelation that there are scams involving billions of dollars done by financial consultants. As such, you should beware of the experts’ credibility and personal ethics before deciding upon utilizing their professional skills.

Many designations such as the CPA (Certified Public Accountant), CLU (Certified Life Underwriter), and CFP (Certified Financial Planner) are professionals in the planning of finance industry that have undergone extensive training, being educationally certified and equipped with several years of experience. These credentials are important to give a view to people to differentiate between a chartered financial consultant and a self-claim professional. This is important to ensure they deal with a certified expertise to handle their financial affairs. With such strict requirements, government will also be able to control the integrity and quality of financial planners.

Do not make prompt judgments of a professional planner before you seek financial planning services from them. You should not hesitate to understand their backgrounds such as their designations, the services they provide, what institutions they graduated from and what benefit they might enjoy from your situation. You can also contact the awarding organization to make confirmation that the person’s credentials are not self-made.

Getting a proper planning from a chartered financial consultant may extract a certain figure from your bank account but it should be appropriate considering their education covers a wide field of knowledge that include taxation, accounting, insurance, economics, ethics, estate planning and investing. There are three examinations related to such fields to pass and must have at least three years of experience before they become a licensed financial consultant.

Tips to Finding the Right Internet Consultant

The first question that strikes one’s mind while talking about internet marketing consultant is that why do you really need them? And as the article title reads, we are talking about South Africa here.

South Africa is a third world developing country where internet is available only to the privileged metropolitan areas. The rural areas are extremely backward and poverty stricken to think about technological advancements and the internet. They are bothered about making a living for befitting two meals a day.

So you can very well understand that internet marketing targets the upper echelons of the South African society. There is a certain perception that internet marketing will not yield any fruitful results in this third world country because it does not reach the mass.

On one hand even if this notion is true, one needs to understand the big proliferating market this unexplored region provides. The 2010 FIFA World Cup has shown to the world what South Africa can do.

The hospitality and grandeur arrangements in the country prove the possibilities of growth in the South African market. Just that one needs to start from the scratch to appeal the crowd.

Considering this and more, internet is an expensive commodity in South Africa. Most access it from their office and do not have any access to the internet at home.

At the same time, there are many wanting to embark upon self employment opportunities. Even if the South Africans do not have the full fledged access to the World Wide Web, they are quite aware of the quick money making opportunities the internet can provide.

If you are one of those privileged South Africans seeking luck in internet marketing, it is best to follow a few tips than be lost in the maze.

• Do not fall for the overseas internet marketing consultants charging exorbitant price due to the exchange rate differences to provide necessary advice on web design, on page search optimization, keyword searching, targeting and pay per click campaigns.

• Instead brush up your own skills. Then log onto the internet for finding locals. An internet marketing consultant with customer testimonials is one of the best solutions. At east this way you know you are not being bluffed because you have some idea about the internet marketing process yourself.

• Look out for those with fine reputation in the market for honest deals. Do not get trapped by the monopolistic internet marketing consultants. Undertake a thorough search to reap good benefits.

• Choose a niche market which you want to trade. Never flow with the tide. Check if the respective internet marketing consultants’ strategies suit your needs and product promotion. If not, move onto another consultant. Satisfaction is very important, so do not compromise.

• Make sure that the consultant provides a South African based email address for your product. You do not want to start your business with a different identity of a first world country. Be proud of who you are. Remain calm and you will overcome every obstacle in achieving your dream job of internet marketing.

What Do You Need to Know Before Employing a Marketing Consultant For Your Company

If you own a company or organisation and looking for a marketing consultant,first thing you need to figure out is the best place to find a marketing guru. There are people sitting ready to help you grow your business as far as marketing is concerned. This is not an easy task as it sounds. The work profile of a consultant include analysis of website and determining your strong points while conducting business transactions and trading with online clients.

The main task of any marketing service include selling your company to their marketing channels. E-mail marketing, affiliate marketing, co-registration are all part of their marketing channels. In order to make your online business successful, your consultant should know your strong and weak points, so that he can project them accordingly. Also keep in mind your budget before engaging any consultant company.

Here are some key points which you should keep in mind before employing them. Look for someone who is an expertise in your work of area. Also check his experience in which how many times they have been successful and hopefully there are some failures so that they know what they should not do. After all it is your money that they will be spending and they have nothing to loose upon except their job of being a consultant. Check out for their qualification and any kind of testimonials which they might have received such as Google Advertising Professionals. If you already have a nice marketing program then its better to upgrade it from time to time.

You should remember your goal i.e. to catch new clients. Also beware of counterfeit marketing gurus who try to take out money from people by arranging seminars and workshops which are actually of no use. They are even trying to sell their ineffective training program in the form of cassette tapes, CD’s and books. In order to check the potential of a marketing advisor you can check out for testimonials, reviews and references. This will automatically prove his worth if he is able to provide a list of clients that he has helped.

So, if you need to charter a consultant for the marketing of your company look at his experience, his qualification, beware of fake gurus and check out the testimonials. Thus, now you have a sufficient amount of knowledge on the attributes required for a efficient marketing consultant.

Take Your Company Public – Investor Relations – 15c211 – S1 Filing – IPO Consultant – A Must Read

The US is a game preserve and the entrepreneur is the endangered species being hunted by political poachers. Don’t expect a solution by government bureaucrats that use band aids intended to provide a temporary and sub-modest patch up, only problem is this band aid is suppose to close up a bazooka shot to the chest so don’t wait on resolutions that will have a lasting effect.

So what is the solution? When a company is fighting for survival who can they turn to? Two groups that will only hang string you up and hang you to dry are politicians and institutional banks. Both of these sectors of industry are parasites who will eat you from the inside out and then transform into maggots to feast on your rotting flesh. Strange wording for a financial paper but this is reality. So again, who can you turn to for guidance? That answer is both simple and simultaneously complicated as there are multiple sub sectors of finance each with their own good and bad issues.

Seek out a consulting firm that offers turnkey solutions with a contact portfolio that could gag a horse. To raise money and facilitate quality strategies that will get you from point A to point B a consultant must have contacts with accredited investors, investor relations strategists, market makers, securities attorneys who can bang out 10k and 10q’s as well as constructive counsel for mergers and acquisitions to assist in strategic growth. Your consultant also needs to know where to look and uncover powerful strategic partners that can enhance and induce your company’s expansion efforts.

Many companies are using a regulation d solution also known as a private placement memorandum which uses the SEC loopholes of Reg D 504, 505 and 506 for pre public fund-raising and bypass the ‘wild west’ factor of the pink sheets and go to a pre NASDAQ trading platform such as the OTCBB. A solid consultant can complete the task but qualifying them should not constitute drilling them on past transactions and other pointless interrogation tactics as this will only push away the good consultants and bring the scumbags in by the truckload as this type of skepticism is something that the fly-by-nights are comfortable with and use to. Instead ask them for a plan on how they anticipate taking your company from the beginning to fund raising stardom. Their plan should include corporate structuring and strategies, board of directors selection, advisory board selection, acquisitions strategy, SEC auditor, S1 attorney, market maker for your 15c211 and enough investor relations and corporate publicity to force the continental shelf into movement.

Settle for nothing less than strategic and all inclusive consulting solutions when raising capital and going public or you’ll find yourself in the precarious dilemma of having your public offering piece mealed with no one to hold accountable at the end of the day and believe me, that is the last place you want to be because those companies end up being shelf corporations that are so riddled with holes you can’t even sell them off for a reverse merger. Get the entire plan from your consultant before signing that contract and moving forward.